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August 20, 2014

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Once I received the text that things were progressing quickly I jumped in and out of the shower, and on I went. I can’t express the nerves, anticipation, and excitement I felt to share this moment with Chelsey and her family.

Chelsey was one of the first few people my husband and I met when we moved to Knoxville. We questioned her about our new home and tried to get as much of a scoop on the new town as possible. It wasn’t much longer that we met Thomas and were going on double dates for sushi. Even that early in our friendship it was obvious how much these two loved each other.

I was ecstatic when I learned that Chelsey was expecting. Unfortunately, that meant no more sushi trips together but I could not have been happier for her, Thomas, and Aiden. Being asked to join the family in the room as these two became a family meant so much. I sat with her family as we celebrated both Ian’s and Aiden’s birthday. How amazing is it that these two brothers now share the same birthday!? Aiden spent his fifth birthday waiting patiently for his baby brother to arrive. He danced, played games, and even showed me how to hold his baby brother using his stuffed cat.

After being asked to leave the room and wait in the waiting room we realized something was going on. Chelsey was rushed to an emergency C-section after the doctors realized Ian’s cord was wrapped around his neck. We were told the baby was doing well and it was all in precaution. Emotions were all over the place as we waited for the news. At 3:51 P.M. little Ian entered the world and our phones started to ring. Tears flooded the waiting room as Thomas sent images from the surgery room of baby Ian.

Once Chelsey recovered we entered the room with smiles as we saw the bundle of joy lying in her arms. As I continued photographing the room I noticed something was different on the room board. A little confused I tapped on Chelsey’s fathers shoulder to ask if he had written on the board. As soon as the tears flooded his eyes I knew he hadn’t. Chelsey and Thomas surprised her father by changing Ian’s name. Instead of Ian Alexander going on his birth certificate, it will now read Christopher Ian after her dad. It was such a sweet moment as father and daughter shared hugs and tears of joy.

Chelsey and Thomas, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to share this experience with you and your family. Watching Aiden meet his baby brother for the first time, and you all become a family was such an amazing experience. Congratulations again! Remember, if you ever need a babysitter I am just a call away.




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